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Lice Happens is the premier professional mobile head lice to removal service in the greater Washington metro area, founded by a Registered Nurse. Our proven, straightforward treatment process does not include gimmicky gadgets or messy oils that turn a head lice treatment into an unpleasant experience. In Washington, DC we serve Adams Morgan, Capital Hill, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Embassy Row, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Southwest Waterfront. In the suburbs of Washington, DC, we serve Anne Arundel County, MD, Calvert County, MD, Howard, County, MD and Montgomery County, MD. In the Virginia Suburbs, we serve Arlington County, VA, Alexandria County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Loudoun County, VA, Prince William County, VA and Prince George County, MD. Call us @ 443-510-4480 today for both safe and effective lice removal and treatment!

About Lice Happens

Lice Happens is professional and private lice removal and treatment service that assists families dealing with a lice infestation.  Our services are mobile and confidential.  We serve families living in the Washington DC metro area.

We were founded by a registered nurse and a quality assurance professional.  Our founders have helped hundreds of families suffering from head lice find relief and empowerment with our comprehensive services.  We provide screenings, treatments, practical skills, and education to the families and individuals that we help.  M.J. Eckert, co-founder of Lice Happens says, “The feeling of satisfaction I have after helping a family through this experience, and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to tackle the problem, is what I love most about the work we do at Lice Happens.”

We know that there isn’t quite anything like having a lice infestation in your family.  This time can be quite stressful for parents, children, and other household members.  Many parents are left feeling helpless about what to do when their child comes home with the initial diagnosis.  Some parents turn to over-the-counter remedies but find them to be ineffective.  These remedies are becoming less and less effective as lice adapt the ingredients in them.  Lice are becoming immune to these treatments and oftentimes will return within a few weeks.  Parents will find themselves having to use these treatments multiple times, but still won’t be lice free.  In addition to being ineffective, these treatments are toxic and full of harsh chemicals.  No parent wants to have to put their kids through this.

If you’re looking for an effective and non-toxic solution to head lice, then you’ve come to the right place.  Our salon quality services are performed in the comfort of your home and are completely private.  We arrive in our mobile lice clinics (which are logo-free to ensure your privacy) with everything we need to eradicate your lice problem.  Our specialists are highly trained and experienced lice removal experts.  They understand that you might be stressed and will treat you with nothing but dignity, respect, and compassion.

One of the first steps we’ll take when in your home will be to screen each member of your family for head lice.  Some people don’t display the common symptoms of having head lice and identifying all hosts is an important step to ending the life cycle of head lice.  Once we’ve identified all of those suffering from head lice, we’ll begin treatments.  Screening is one of the practical skills we teach parents while we’re in the home.  We recommend regular screenings for young children and knowing what to look for makes screenings much more effective.  Early detection of head lice is key to stopping an outbreak quickly.

Unlike conventional over-the-counter treatments, our treatments are effective and non-toxic.  They are safe for people of all ages, have no side effects, and are gentle.  They are made from natural, environmentally friendly, and pesticide free ingredients.  We have used these remedies since the beginning and they have been proven to work time and time again.

Once treatments are applied, the specialist will use fine toothed metal lice combs for the removal of lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  When this process is complete, hair will be visibly shiny and smooth and noticeably soft and clean.  It will be like you just left a salon, but you never even had to leave home!  Combing is another skill we’ll teach you as well.  Combing is an important part of follow up care in the days after the initial treatment.  We’ll give you the tools you need to perform follow up care and to use these combs in the future should the need ever arise again.

In addition to teaching practical and useful skills, we also educate families and parents on the facts vs. myths that surround head lice.  There are a lot of common misconceptions about hygiene and lice, home care after a lice infestation, how lice spread, who gets lice, etc.  We provide facts about head lice, how to treat for them, how to prevent them from happening again, and many more topics.  We’ll answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have as well.  This information is included with our treatments and isn’t something that can be purchased over-the-counter.  Knowledge is power and we want you to feel empowered by the time we leave your home in Washington DC.

Washington DC is a bustling city.  As the nation’s capitol, there is a lot going on here.  There is a ton of history and culture here and many families have jobs in the government sector.  Millions of tourists visit Washington DC every year and it’s no wonder why.  For families living in Washington DC there is always something to do, a museum to go to, and somewhere to go and learn and explore.  There are plenty of sporting events to attend as well as a huge art scene to experience.

Lice Happens is proud to serve individuals and families living in Washington DC and the major metropolitan area.  In Washington DC we serve: Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Embassy Row, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, and Southwest Waterfront.  In the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC we serve: Arlington County, Alexandria County, Fairfax County, Loudon County, and Prince William County.  In the Washington DC suburbs we serve: Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George County.  If you do not see your area listed, give us a call today at (443) 510-4480.

We are available 7 days a week by appointment or for same day emergency lice removal and treatment services.  We take great honor in being invited into your home and we will never take advantage of you, your family, your stress, or your pocketbook.  We won’t try to sell you gimmicks or gadgets that promise shortcuts for lice removal.